Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Dream, Pt. 1

Anyone who knows me intimately knows that when I dream, I start to research. I believe that all dreams that I can remember mean something. Oddly enough, my dreams have been more frequent in the past 2 years, more than I've ever had in my entire life.

There have been some pretty bizarre ones that taught me quite a bit. There was the reoccurring dream where I could never remember my locker combination. I had this dream in variation roughly 10 times until one day...I opened the locker. I never had that dream again.

There was also the dream where I watched my mom slide down a water slide & get swept away by a tsunami. It freaked both of us out, but the symbolism in my real life was clear.

One of my favorites occurred recently when I dreamt a college girlfriend was very pregnant; I saw her baby's feet pressed against her belly in the shape of a heart. I texted my friend the next morning. She was in labor at the very moment and I had no idea that she was even with child!!!!!

Fast forward to today.

I woke up slightly shaken, but all too certain that the dream from which is awakened is poignantly relevant to my life today.

I'm looking in on a funeral. I don't know if I'm attending or if I can just see what's happening. Inside a coffin, there is a fairly young, handsome (Gerard Butler-esque, actually) bearded man. He's about 35. He is dressed in his suit, well groomed...and ALIVE. He looks sickly, but is still moving and talking to people walking past the casket. At his head stands a lady with gorgeous blonde hair; this is his wife or girlfriend. She is comforting him and staying with him "until the end". Gradually, the gentleman, already painted and ready for interment slips out of life. The funeral can begin now.

Also, I think in a continuation of this dream, there is a choir (I assume this is at the ceremonial part if the funeral). We have on yellow choir robes and of course I definitively see myself in this part. We sing "Let Us Break Bread Together", but no one knows the one but me! So I volunteer to lead the song, and as we get to my part (the chorus, "let us break bread together on our knees...on our knees"), I go all the way into worship. Singing loud, crying, and hands extended to God.

So what does this mean???

"As I fall on my knees, with my face to the rising sun....Oh Lord, have mercy on me." - Let Us Break Bread Together, Negro spiritual

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