Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 4: Progress

"It's like I'm falling from the sky...and I need somebody to catch me when I fall down..." - Fallin' From The Sky, R. Kelly


This is the only song I could do today without bursting into tears. It rocks, the melody is nice, and I can handle the lyrics...I'LL TAKE IT.

It also explains how I feel.

I ate food today. That's a really big deal. In other abnormal Rah activity, I've been taking an excessive number of showers, as if I'm subconsciously "cleansing" myself of something bad. Atleast I smell good.

I laughed. I laughed a few times. Earnestly. That is also a big step.

Baby has a name now- his name is Davis!!!! He does have Down's Syndrome, which was a little damper, as we didn't expect it. He's got loving-TRULY loving...people who won't desert him or turn their backs to him- people in his corner and most of all, God's got his back. He'll definitely need Cousin Sheeda's advice from yesterday :).

Strengthening and lengthening my strides in this walk with God a little more each day...


Final (and true) words from "Fallin' " :
"I don't know how to make it stop..."

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